On Costa Vs Suarez

On Costa vs Suarez. When Liverpool fans complain about Costa's violent behavior, we usually have it thrown back in our face about Suarez and his own behavior. "You wouldn't say that if it was 'your' guy!"

Here's the thing. When Suarez got violent, it was an emotional reaction like a toddler throwing a fit. He lost his head and just lashed out. In contrast, Costa is in complete control, cold and calculating, doing anything and everything possible to gain an advantage. It's tactical shithousery. Then there is the question of volume. With Suarez, the madness hit at random. With Costa it is several times a match, every match. And Because Costa does it so much, it makes it difficult for the refs to book him. "Oh, it's just Costa doing his 'thing'"

Sure he's been charged by the FA now, but for only one of the stamps and not for the attempted removal of Gerrard's face. How much does a hollow moral victory after the fact help us? None. Costa should have been sent off after 10 minutes. Then the match may have played out quite differently.

So back to the "our guy" vs "their guy" thing. I didn't like it when Suarez had his moments of madness either, even though I loved the guy as a player. It usually ended up hurting the club in significant way. So I don't have to like Costa's behavior either. And yes, if Costa played for us I would probably love him as well but still not approve of his dirty tactics.