LFC Atlanta Fantasy Football: Week Two

LFC Atlanta Fantasy Football: Week Two
"Abandon shite players, all ye who enter here"

Clean sheets, long may they continue. Four extra points for each of our back five, with a properly terrific performance from Nathaniel Clyne. It's nice to have a half-decent right back once again whose IQ score is higher than their squad number. Big Bad Ben opened his account for LFC with his first competitive goal in a red shirt, netting the Reds three points and four for all you fantasy managers. Arsenal away looms next Monday; always one of our toughest matches of the year, but the Gooners have been in less than spectacular form so far.

Really only two clubs so far have been putting all-round impressive performances, "MC" and "LC" FCs, though Norwich and the Bitters did post some pretty good results. Lukaku finished the week on twelve points, might be worth a go if you're keen on an all-Belgian strike force, and have no moral objections to having players from the Ev in your side. Also, it might be good to take note of the "Hazards" of having expensive players in your squad who have contributed dick-all so far.

LFC Atlanta's points average was pretty much in line with the global points total, 44.798 points to 44 even. We're up to 129 teams with two teams to join by next week. If you're reading this and have any interest whatsoever in joining our league, just head on over to and join with code 259579-69603. As stated before we will have free LFC Atlanta stuff for the winner every month, and more prizes to come throughout the season.