LFC Ticket Application Rules

LFC Ticket Application Rules

LFC Atlanta, as an Official Supporters Club of Liverpool Football Club, is eligible to request tickets to home Premier League games each season. This process takes place twice a year.  Historically this has taken place in mid June for games scheduled to be played between August and December and in October, for games scheduled for the second half of the season. We will post when the application window opens on our Facebook page, on Twitter as the pinned post, and sent out to our current or last season's members on our mailing list.

The process to request tickets is as follows (please read carefully):

  1. You must be a signed up LFC Atlanta member to request tickets. Memberships are $35 for the season, and includes a LFC Atlanta t-shirt plus many more benefits as outlined on the Membership page
  2. You must have purchased an official Liverpool Football Club membership. This must be either Full or Light membership to apply for tickets from this location: http://www.liverpoolfc.com/membership/home.  NOTE: An international membership is not able to apply for tickets. Only Full or Light are eligible.
  3. You will need to provide us with your membership type and full membership # when you make a ticket request to LFC Atlanta. Applications without this information cannot be accepted
  4. Applicants must live within a reasonable the geographic territory covered by LFC Atlanta – primarily the state of GA. For example, if you live in Florida you will need to apply for tickets through your local Florida supporters group, not us. If you live in adjoining states to GA where no OLSCs exist currently e.g. Alabama, you may apply through LFC Atlanta assuming you hold an LFC Atlanta membership also
  5. Ticket applications can only occur for home Premier League games. We are unable to process requests for tickets to away games, cup games, friendlies etc.
  6. Tickets are categorized by A, B and C, WITH "A" GAMES being THOSE against teams with the highest demand, C with the least. Note that you have more chance to be assigned a ticket to a category C game than a category B and to a category B game than a category A
  7. Ticket prices depend on game category and seating location, but generally vary in price and will be affected by exchange rates.
  8. Ticket locations within the ground are made by Liverpool Football club – LFC Atlanta cannot request tickets in specific sections of the ground.
  9. LFC Atlanta members can request more than one ticket for each home Premier League game scheduled between August and December and then again between January and May
  10. In the event we receive more requests than the tickets we are allocated, LFC Atlanta will allocate applications based on length of LFC Atlanta membership (how many years you’ve been with us) and attendance at games at Meehan’s Downtown
  11. Your application will be sent to Liverpool Football Club by LFC Atlanta. We usually hear within 1-2 weeks after applying as to whether the application has been successful. We do not receive tickets for every game we request.
  12. If your application is successful you will be notified by us when we hear.
  13. Payment for the ticket will then be due approximately 8 weeks prior to the games kick off date
  14. Payment will need to be made to LFC Atlanta via PayPal immediately (we don’t get a lot of time to process this so request payment immediately)
  15. LFC Atlanta will request that applicants pay $100 per ticket to secure this. Once the full charge is processed through to us we will refund any overages depending on the face value of the ticket. We do not know the final ticket price when we provide Liverpool Football Club with our credit card information to process.
  16. We currently will not accept applicants credit card information to pay as we do not want to be handling this sensitive information.
  17. Each ticket payment will incur a $5 processing fee by LFC Atlanta to cover time and costs to process (including us needing to fax information internationally) to the club
  18. Tickets paid for within the timeframes required will be emailed with details of their seat number and location by LFC Atlanta approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the fixture. We have no say where the tickets will be located.
  19. The Membership Card of those Members who have been allocated tickets will be activated for entry at Anfield.
  20. There will be no paper ticket issued. You must take your Liverpool Football Club membership card with you to the game – it will be swiped to gain entry.

Other Points to Note:

  • Please only submit requests for games you plan on attending. Do not request tickets for two fixtures to increase your chances, if you only plan to go to one. You will be responsible for payment for all tickets allocated.
  • Each ticket application must have one unique membership ID and card. You are unable to apply for more than 1 ticket for each membership ID to the same game. You can apply for more than one ticket to different games. So if you receive an allocation of two tickets to one game you must be able to provide two members IDs.
  • If you have applied for and successfully been assigned a ticket but are no longer able to attend you must notify LFC Atlanta via email ASAP. We will then notify the club and the ticket can be used by someone else.
  • Anyone who does not pay for a ticket within the timeframe communicated shall lose the access to the ticket AND MAY BE RESTRICTED FROM REQUESTING FUTURE TICKETS THROUGH LFC ATLANTA.