Code of Conduct

Official Code of Conduct

LFC Atlanta is an Official LFC Supporters Club (“OLSC”) Branch as designated by Liverpool FC. LFC Atlanta is a collection of fans from all over the world and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. LFC Atlanta’s on-going goal is to build an ever increasing and active OLSC and to promote “The Liverpool Way,” a global approach established by Liverpool FC for all worldwide OLSCs to share the incredible passion of the Club supporters on Merseyside, who are the true, the one and only, KOP.

LFC Atlanta is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all Members, Club supporters, guests and Meehan’s staff.

LFC Atlanta expects all Members and supporters to adhere to the Code of Conduct detailed below at all times; at both home and “away” games, official LFC Atlanta functions and any other events endorsed or supported by LFC Atlanta, Meehan’s, or Liverpool FC.

All LFC Atlanta Members and supporters are expected to:

  • Support the Club in a passionate and enthusiastic manner whilst taking a common sense approach with sensitivity to those around you (who may be families with minors).
  • Always respect other Members, supporters, especially opposing fans and ALL Meehan’s patrons and staff.
  • Actively foster a family friendly environment.
  • Engage in the responsible consumption of alcohol.
  • Use appropriate language, without threatening, foul or abusive content.
  • Abide by “The Liverpool Way” when representing and supporting the team.
  • Comply with requests from Meehan’s staff, other security personnel and LFC Atlanta Board Members regarding venue operations, emergency response procedures and this Code of Conduct.
  • LFC Atlanta fully supports the Club’s stance on Anti-Racism, Anti-Sexism, etc. and welcomes all members, supporters and visitors with respect and equality.

Specifically with respect to “home” games at Meehan’s Downtown, Ian and the staff have done a tremendous job in giving us the best home bar and atmosphere in Atlanta. Accordingly, to foster ongoing support and growth of the OLSC, LFC Atlanta Members and supporters should repay that hospitality by adhering to the following:

  • Pay your tab. Tip the bartenders and servers well. Many of them have volunteered to work, especially on Sunday mornings.
  • Be mindful of where the servers need to operate and keep their areas open i.e. near the kitchen, main lane from the front door, etc.
  • Utilize the servers for your food and drink orders if you are not sitting at the bar.  If everyone goes to the bar, the servers are not making any money. 
  • Drink responsibly and accept any decisions of bartenders or servers.
  • Unless during a special event, alcohol will not be served on Sunday mornings before 12:30PM to comply with state law. Special event planning is in place to facilitate opportunities to enable Sunday operations in full accordance with Georgia laws.
  • On Sundays prior to 12:30PM, no alcohol will be served. Do not complain to the bar staff or LFC Atlanta Board Members about this, complain to your state legislator.
  • Do not bring outside alcohol into Meehan’s. This puts undue liability onto Meehan’s and will result in you being requested to leave the premises. Yellow and red cards may be issued for this, potentially resulting in expulsion from the pub and ultimately from LFC Atlanta.
  • On occasion, we may request that you enter Meehan’s by the rear entrance through the Westin hotel. Do not attempt to enter/exit through the front door on such occasions.
  • In the event the games coincide with or end during regular business hours, post-match festivities may be requested to move into the back room/area to enable Meehan’s to conduct normal business for the general public.
  • For games that start before normal business hours, doors will open no earlier than 15 minutes before kickoff to allow sufficient time get the pub set up.